Monday, June 3, 2013

Bunkbeds for the girls!

Wow it has been a while since we blogged!

We are excited to be intering a raffle to win a bunkbed set for the girls... What a blessing it would be. After moving back to the US from Germany and Getting sweet Paiges medical issues taken care of it would be such a relief!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Every day a little closer and yet so far away...

Everyday we feel like we are getting a little closer to our princess and yet then something happens and we are still so far away!.... Almost have all our paperwork please pray that we get the final items this week. It would be fantastic and a relief to have everything ready. Because everyday we crave for her to be home with us.

To our little princess,

Everyday we pray for you. You brothers and sister are ready to have you home with us. they ask daily when it will be. At night when I lie down you are always on my mind. Do you know that your mom and dad are trying to get there as soon as we can. We only hope you know how much we love you already. We are asked daily how we know you are the "one". Without hesitating I reply " She was brought to this earth by a strong and brave woman, I will be blessed to be her mother and as I held her I knew she belonged with us for time and eternity." Soon people will come and your friends will be with there forever families. Let there be peace in your heart that we are coming. We love you!


Mom, Dad, and your brothers and sister!

We have started our next fundraising basket!
Ready for the Next Basket! We are Auctioning off this Pampered Chef Baking Box! OVER $300 in products!!!

We are getting very close to bringing her home. Help us and be her village! Auction will end on the 27th of April at 8pm. Bids can be placed here or on facebook in our fundraising group!

... Pampered Chef Gets Baking Box!!!

2 Silicone hot pad Trivets
Herb Keeper
Easy Read Measuring Cups
Classic Batter Bowl
2 cup prep bowls (2)
Easy accent decorator
Bamboo fiber Mixing Bowls
Cutting board
Medium Sheet pan
Deluxe mini muffin pan
Cooling rack
Mini easy read measuring cup
Mini Serving Spatula
Slice ‘n Serve
Stainless Whisk
Mix ‘n Scraper
Small Mix ‘n Scraper
Classic Scraper
Skinny Scraper
Oven Mitt
Cookbook for a Cause

Friday, April 13, 2012

In GOD's Hands...Truely

Well many things have happened this week that have truly been out of our hands. Here are a few updates.

We have meet some amazing people and friends along this journey!......I received a facebook message from a friend with an amazing offer. See the had recently been blessed with a new vehicle for there family. they truly wanted to give back to others. They located a refugee help organization to see if they could sell there extra vehicle for cheap to someone that could really use it. To there surprise there was a family that had been given a grant to purchase a car. Wow awesome that they can help someone else. This is were the double blessing comes in .... They are donating the money from the sell of the car to our adoption fund!... We feel so blessed and honored that they would consider us. Ohhh how we look forward to helping others on there journey thru adoption.

We have almost received all our paperwork needed to send off to our attorney. We are very excited to feel like this week we took 10 steps forward and only a few back. As anyone who has been thru this process knows there are ups and downs and twists and turns. Some days feel better than other and some days you just hope it get thru until bed time.

I have had a few of those just getting thru days as of late. Today I spent the days with my Kids and a great friends. We had lunch with friends that drove down to our area. It was nice to sit and have a non adoption conversation for a little bit. After we attended a birthday for a sweet girl turning 9. It was just our 2 families at the pool. Although swimming in the kids pool doesn't always sound fun it was truly relaxing to just play with my kids!... Then ICE CREAM! always makes for a great time and then home for movie night. I have been given the most wonderful children. I only hope they know how much I love each of them tonight when I sneak in to kiss them good night.

Well tonight I feel like I am rambling on.... Please continue to have us in your prayers and thoughts. We can not wait to have our newest angel in our arms!....May she rest peacefully tonight knowing we are doing everything we can to bring her home to her forever family!

This is what our little one had to eat today ... and I am certain she thanked Heavenly Father for it!...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

No break here~~~

Well spring break has started and there is no break here at our house. Collecting donated items to resell and getting paperwork together. Today we recieved news that our little one is doing well and remaining healthly!... What a happy momma that makes me. I only wish she knew how hard we are trying to get back to her.

In the same breath we also learned that it would be pure chance that we get there soon. It is out of our hands at this point. We are waiting for paperwork that we can not push any faster. So here we sit trying to go about the daily life of this adoptive family on this never ending rollercoaster!

Today I was given a little peice of paper with this written on it.....

"Your journey is not easy but so very worth it in the end!"

I am so greatful for those who always pick the right time to give me a little push.

Thank you for your prays ... Goodness know we need them! Off to spend some time with my fun big kiddos this week!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day to day and New raffle!

Thank you for all those who bid on our Pampered chef Basket! It raised $170. Success!

We have had a good week here in Germany. As with any adoption we have little set backs and big steps forward and back. Our sweet girl girl is doing ok right now. We are ready to bring her home. Every night we pray for her health and saftey and for God to help her feel our love. Some will never know the feeling of leaving your little one thousands of miles away. Knowing that although she gets love and attention she does not get the nutrition she soo deserves and needs...

We have been asked why we can not post her pics of  or tell her whole story. This is to protect her and us. I can tell you that she is severely malnourished and little. She has special needs. She is a fun and spirited little girl with TONS of love to give. She laughs and when she smiles the room smiles.

We are hoping to travel this summer to bring her home but we have alot of fund raising to do before we can travel. As you can see. If you have any ideas or would like to have a fundraiser in your area please contact us. It will truely take everyones help to bring her home to her forever family!

Tonights Raffles basket is a Beautiful Scentsy Breast Cancer Awareness Warmer and Pink Basket!
This warmer is no longer in production and highly wanted! We are doing this basket as a raffle. you can donate to get chances to win this beautiful warmer and basket!

Donate $5.00 for 1 entry
Donate $20.00 for 5 entries
Donate $50.00 for 15 entries
Donate $100.00 for 40 entries

Donations can be made directly to our paypal account or in person... I will ship this basket.
Paypal address is

Drawing will be held April 15th in order for it to be recieved by Mothers day!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Busy Month...Nervous family!

It has been a little while since I posted. Things are moving quickly as we have hoped. Here is an update of our month!

The first part of the month started just getting items ready for our home study. We had our visit with the social worker to get our home study completed. For those who have never done this it is very hard. Just imagine sitting with a stranger and laying out your whole life!. I am grateful for the process that will bring me to her although it is not ever easy.

We are slowly working toward our fundraising goals also! Our fundraiser last month brought it $994.00 to add to our fund! Thank you all for the support! Every dollar counts. We will be starting basket raffles this week. I will post them here and on facebook. The highest bidder wins the basket! We have had amazing prizes donated to us to raffle off.

Now a little about our princess;

She is doing well. I have received updated pictures since I returned from Africa. She is still very small but up and walking. I miss her so much. We are looking forward seeing her again!

I would like to answer just a few question for people....
Why are we not adopting from the USA?
We have waited along time to make this choice. We looked into all our options and prayerfully considered each one. US adoption is not cheaper or easier as a matter of fact it is harder because we are stationed overseas.
Why are you choosing a child with special needs?
Do we ever choose our children. I did not choose her she chose us. We love already as our own and special needs aside she will be love and taken care of even if it means she will always be with us.
Why does it cost so much?
The costs are all direct costs we are not using an agency so all the costs go directly toward bringing her home. We can not apply for many of the grants or loans because we don't have an agency. So that is why we are fundraising.

Tonight starts our first basket giveaway!

Tonight's basket Is Pampered Chef B-B-Q Basket!

Flexible grill basket
8 qt Collapsible bowl and serving set
Oven Mitt
Grill it quick cookbook
Chili Lime Rub
Buffalo Rub
Corn cob nobs and butter
BBQ brill basket
Basting Brush
BBQ Tongs
BBQ Turner
Grill Brush

Bid at 9pm on 3-19-2012 was $150....YEAH getting closer every dollar counts!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

16 Days in Uganda!

Well Africa is amazing! I have gotten to spend a lot of time with our little angel! I have tons of stories to tell. First I want to say we have been given permission to move forward with the adoption of our little girl. I wish I could show you pictures and tell you her name but to protect her and the baby home it is not possible until I return and am granted guardianship. Until then we will refer to her as Baby P or our little ladybug!....
What I can tell you is that she is a little one with special needs. She is bright and full of life. She as been thru more than you or I could ever imagine. Her eyes tell a story of a fighter. I have been able to spend a little over a week playing with her, feeding her, and just loving her. She love the swings and the Teeter Tooder. She also love going thru mom's bag and playing with lotion. She has lived a long life already. She just learned to walk.

I had to say goodbye yesterday to her... she just laid and cried....she has done this the last few days and it breaks my heart. I worry how long she will be here before I can return to get her. The paperwork will get done. And we know Heavenly father will help provide the funds....It will take a village to bring her home!

Here is a sneak peak at our little one...